Template Email to Local Government Representatives

Here's something you can use if you're emailing your local government representatives (generally your town, city, county, or state legislator or your mayor, county executive, or governor):

Dear [ name of representative ],

I am your constituent, and I am emailing to urge you to introduce legislation proposing the Democracy Decree and fight to get it enacted.

The Democracy Decree, if you do not know about it, is a decree of the people of the United States of America. As you probably know, our current president and Congress were not the choice of the people. Rather, they were wrongly empowered due to a severe right wing bias in our federal election system. The Democracy Decree, if ratified by the people, would remove that bias and order new elections under newly democratic rules.

Although the Democracy Decree affects the federal government, and although it must be ratified by the people, local and state governments also play crucial roles in its adoption. The first of these is that it is up to local and state governments to formally propose the Democracy Decree for ratification. That is why I am emailing you.

The full text of the Democracy Decree and an explanation of how it works are available at democracydecree.org. A template for introducing it is available at democratism.org/s/modelBillDemocracyDecree.pdf. If you have other questions, someone from Democratism would also be happy to speak with you (info@democratism.org).

I hope you will seize this opportunity to lead the people in turning our country around. Please let me know.

Thank you very much.


[ your name ]

If you're writing to a mayor or other executive who doesn't have the power to introduce legislation, change "introduce" to "support the introduction of" in the first paragraph. Change it otherwise as you see fit.