Find Your Local Government Representatives

We're working through local governments to change the federal government. There isn't yet any automated system that can produce names and contact information for all your local representatives based just on your address, as there is for federal representatives. You can probably find them pretty easily, though. Here are some tips:

  1. Try searching by your address at Common Cause's Find Your Representatives and following the links at's How to Contact Your Elected Officials If you're comfortable sharing your address while you're logged into Facebook, you can also try their Townhall. Make a note of what you find at these sites, but it well may not include your most local representatives. If it doesn't, don't give up. We really want to go local local local.
  2. Try searching the web for "[name of your town, city, or county] government". Your local legislature is probably called the such-and-such "council," "assembly," or "legislature," so try those terms, too. In some places, confusingly, it's called "court." You're looking for your representative to the legislature, which may require a map of the local districts.
  3. If the website for one of your local governments is at all confusing or uninformative, they've probably at least got a phone number. Call it and ask for help you figuring out who your local representative is, and how to reach your representative by phone, email, and mail.
  4. Get contact information for the local executive, too, especially if the executive is elected. Your state executive is the governor. Your town or city might have a an elected major. Your county may have an elected (or appointed) "county executive."