Phone Call to Local Government Representative

Here's a script you can use if you're calling your local government representative (generally your town, city, county, or state legislator or your mayor, county executive, or governor). This assumes you ended up on the phone with a staff member. If you speak directly with the elected official, which can certainly happen, change it accordingly. If you're calling someone who isn't a legislator, and can't introduce legislation, say "support" instead of "introduce."

My name is . I am a constituent of . Please tell that I support the Democracy Decree, and I urge to introduce legislation proposing it and fight to get it passed.

Do you know whether supports the Democracy Decree and plans to introduce it?

[ . . . ]

If you and are not familiar with the Democracy Decree, it is a way to turn our country around by putting the people in charge of our federal election system, and the first step is for local governments to propose it. You can learn more about it at That's D E M O C R A T I S M dot org.

Thank you very much.