Call, Write, Meet With Your Local Government Representatives

We're working from the local level, so we're most interested in your town or city, your county, and your state. All of them should propose and support the Democracy Decree, which will turn our country around by replacing our undemocratically elected rulers with a president and Congress chosen by the people. You can help convince them to do it.

Contact them. Call them on the phone, write them a letter, email them. If it's feasible for you, go meet with them in person. They should make time for you, and they probably will; make an appointment or go when they have open constituent hours. Contact them multiple ways.

See our templates and talking points for writing to and speaking with your representatives, or do it in your own way. Include a copy of, or link to, the Democracy Decree and a link to the Democratism website for more information.

If you are a local legislator, or if you live someplace that governs by town meetings or the like, introduce the Democracy Decree yourself!

Let others know what you're doing. Share socially, using #democracydecree. Include @dmocratism (Twitter & Facebook).

Let us know what you're doing and what the responses have been. We can also help, or at least try; ask us. If you'd like to speak by phone, include a number where we can reach you.